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Rookie Comparables Paint a Pretty Picture

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Nazem Kadri's Rookie Season Comparables - Chemmy at Leaf Nation

Nazem Kadri's rookie season didn't earn him a Calder nomination. His rookie season didn't see him make the Toronto Maple Leafs out of camp or win a spot in the Leafs' meagre top six. He actually had two stints with the big club this year. He spent 17 games with the Leafs from November 13th to December 26th, going 17GP 0G 6A 6Pts (0.35ppg) in that span. Then from March 16th to April 9th he played 12GP with 3G 3A 6Pts (0.5ppg).

He finished the season at 0.41ppg. What does that mean for the 20 year old forward?

Well click on over for the list of comparables and like what you see.

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