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Toronto Marlies To Play Outdoor Game

Pro-Tip: This will help make your visit to Hamilton bearable.
Pro-Tip: This will help make your visit to Hamilton bearable.

Today the Toronto Marlies confirmed that they would be playing an outdoor game at Ivor Wynne Stadium against the Hamilton Bulldogs. For fans that likely won't see a Leafs outdoor game for a long time, this will have to do for now. Get your gas masks early as I predict a run on army surplus stores among fans that do not wish to inhale Hamilton's unique bouquet of aromas.

"This will be a week-long celebration of hockey, with an NHL and AHL alumni game, local minor hockey games, culminating with a battle between the Bulldogs and the Marlies on January 21st. It is our chance to showcase what a great hockey community Hamilton is," said Michael Andlauer, Hamilton Bulldogs Owner and Chairman.

That comes from the pretty optimistic press release that I came across via @chansler (follow him for Marlies news). I'm kind of laughing at the prospect of an AHL alumni game. What alums from Toronto's various AHL affiliates would you like to see come back from that game? If you need inspiration, here's a list of the 'notable' names that have dressed in the second loop for the Buds. I like to think that the Marlies are right now contacting Bruce Boudreau, Jeff Reese, and Todd "This is the only alumni game where I'd be welcome" Gill to suit up against the Hamilton Bulldogs' alumni. 

The most interesting thing to see will be if the Bulldogs do sport jerseys that are a nod to the area's history of stupidity professional hockey and how far the Leafs will go in glomming the history of the Toronto Marlboroughs.