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Nitpicking on a Friday

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The excerpt below is from and the article: How 2010-11 East Also-Rans Can Right Ship.

Connolly signed a two-year, $9.5 million contract, and Burke said his well-known injury history is based more on bad luck than nagging issues. The real coup, however, could be Lombardi. A serious concussion limited him to just two games last season; Lombardi said his goal is to be healthy for training camp. If that happens, the Leafs could have two 50-point scorers anchoring their top two lines, and potentially the end to a playoff drought that dates back to the 2005-06 season.

(Emphasis mine)

Ho boy! Two 50-point scorers on our top 2 lines? They'd fit right along with our...(checks stats) two 60+ point and two 55+ point players already there....hmmmmmm. Now don't get me wrong, Connolly is absolutely an improvement over Bozak at the 1C position, but to imply that two 50-point players are what the Leafs need to finally get over the hump, one of which isn't even skating, well that's just silly. Especially considering that Joffrey Lupul was on pace for a 52-point 82 game season in a Leafs uniform, it's going to take more than the addition of a 50-point 1C to get this team into the playoffs.

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