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Selective Exposure

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When we at PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries and Kitten Ranch Inc. compile links for the FTB, we're filtering out all kinds of garbage that most intelligent Leafs fans don't want to read. It's not that we're filtering out stupidity per se (some of it can be a lot of fun), but we do our best to bring you the most interesting versions of stories, regardless of whether they come from a reporter working for traditional, mainstream medias, or bloggers.

What it all boils down to is that we're presenting you with information that, more often than not, appeals to a Leafs fan. Naturally, we love it when a piece of writing we find online (thoughtfully) challenges our own points of view, but as Danny Gray points out in his piece on Cognitive Dissonance over at The Leafs Nation, the FTB is a form of Selective Exposure:

This is not to suggest that anyone offering an opposing view is inherently correct, simply that we should be aware of our tendency to filter out conflicting information. We can effectively respond to cognitive dissonance by being willing to alter our beliefs in the face of conflicting information. The best way to do that is to seek out information that challenges our beliefs and opinions as much as possible.

Read on for more links after the jump.

Let’s not forget about Gustavsson
Michael Langlois thinks that we should wait to see how next season goes before giving up on the Monster.

Brian Burke's Toronto Maple Leafs
Maple Leafs Digest has a record of every transaction made since Burke came to town.

James Reimer Interview – The MLA Leftovers
Alec Brownscombe with more "aw shucks" likability from Reimer.

Blackhawks introduce Dan Carcillo
"The way I play, it's tough to stay out of the principal's office. I'm going to miss a few games every year," he said.

Brayden Schenn the latest NHLer on Roberts's program
James Mirtle has the scoop.

Ducks reach extension with Randy Carlyle
Anaheim coach inks new three-year deal, as per the AP at the Globe.

Are Players Already Trying to Jet Out of Winnipeg?
Interesting tidbit from Bob McCown (I know, I know) from a podcast roundtable that includes Eliotte Friedman.

Flyers Shot Locations: Individual Breakdowns - Broad Street Hockey
Shameless self-promotion. But then, i think it makes for an interesting comparison with the twin article I wrote about the Leafs.

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