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So......About That Luke Schenn Kid

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He sure is pretty.
He sure is pretty.

Is Luke Schenn Worth More to the Leafs....Or Someone Else? - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

As rumours circulate (they always do, what would the hockey world be without rumours…?) that some NHL teams would love to get their hands on a young defenseman like Schenn (who wouldn't?), it does raise at the very least a question:  Is Schenn worth more to the Leafs, or to someone else?

By that I mean we know he has value here.  His career arc suggests he will be, at worst, a big-minutes top-four d-man.  He may well be a first-pair guy before this season is over.  What that means in financial/contractual terms I don’t much care, other than in terms of the impact his signing will have on the Leafs’ cap situation.  But good players have to be paid, as ridiculously high as some of us feel salaries have continued to be.

But what is he worth to someone else?  What might another team be willing to offer in order to get a defenseman who brings significant potential, someone who may be a star for the next ten years or more?

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