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Happy Year of Armageddon!

(Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images)
(Photo by Marianne Helm/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So the Leafs lost again last night in classic Leafs style, giving Winnipeg 6 chances against the NHL's worst penalty killing unit. They scored twice with the man advantage and once more just as another powerplay had ended. December has not been a pretty month for Toronto. They've won only four games. They allowed a league high twenty powerplay goals. They were tied for second in TSH per game (times short handed). The powerplay dried up, finishing 26th. That gives them a +/- of -13 on special teams for the month.

While other issues persist, the Leafs can't kill penalties yet continue going to the box with regularity.

Anyways, hopefully today's links have a more positive outlook than I do for 2012...

Leafs lose to Leafs penalty kill

Pretty accurate description from LeafsHQ

Leafs D so far

Good look at the defense's advanced stats through December by J.P.

Reimer is the guy

VLM stands behind Reimer. He did have a .914 last night

Marlies end 2011 with SO loss

MarliesHQ with the recap. Most of their best players are up with the Leafs...

Potential defensive call-ups

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