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Was that a Mirage, or Did We Just See a Kulemin Breakthrough? - Mike at Vintage Leaf Memories

Going into Tuesday night’s encounter against the struggling Sabres, Kulemin had found the back of the net a grand total of 4 times through the first half of the NHL schedule. Kulemin—still only 25 years of age—had netted 15, 16 and then 30 goals in his first three seasons, overcoming challenges including language and new surroundings to grow into a solid, two-way NHL winger at a fairly tender age.


Through the first part of the season, his game was uneven though the work ethic seemed to be there. The puck was not going in for him, but you didn’t get the sense that he was hurting the team most nights.


Then came the Buffalo game.

Head on over to see why Mike is so excited.

Random stat of the day - Leafs are 9-0-2 against teams with 3 word in their name. Courtesy of PPP user plen.

Random stat of the day #2 - How do you improve the league's worst PK? By not taking penalties. Leafs have only been shorthanded twice in the past three games. Last night was the first game all season without a shorthanded situation.

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