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Eric Francis: What A Maroon



Oh boy, that Eric Francis sure has his finger on the pulse of his local sports team that he covers for a living. In case you don't know who Eric Francis is - I mean, in addition to being one of the rotating stooges on HNiC's Hot Stove - he is a brutal journalist whose career has 'possibly' been a big benefactor of nepotism on the part of his pretty important mother.

Most recently, he was the embarrassment that was dumping on the character of Evgeny Kuznetsov during the World Juniors. He was rightly torn apart repeatedly:

  1. Sour Grapes And The Myth Of Journalistic Objectivity
  2. Eric Francis Is A Jingoist
  3. This is why they think we’re sore losers; Calgary columnist writes hit piece on Kuznetsov

Saying that there is no chance Mike Cammalleri is heading back to Calgary nine minutes before it is confirmed takes a special kind of incompetence even for a Sun Media writer.