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You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello

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News that Jake Gardiner had been recalled from the Toronto Marlies yesterday had a few people scratching their heads, but Brian Burke had this all worked out.

Since the Marlies don't play until Saturday, Burke decided that the kid may as well skate with the big team until it's time to actually send him down (or not). Moreover, we learned that Korbinian Holzer had not, in fact, been called up, and so no one else needed to be sent down to fill in the roster limit.

There were those that couldn't help but wonder if this signaled a trade was in the winds, but, given Burke's history (or, to borrow his term, his 'track record' - you know how he loves to talk about it), it's far more likely that he waits another couple weeks before dealing.

James Mirtle has the story:

"They never told me anything," Gardiner said. "I kind of expected something like this to happen during the year. Being a young guy, it’s part of the deal. It usually happens to people so it’s not hard on my confidence. I’ll just shake it off."

Kid has his head on straight. Read on for more links.

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