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Thanks for Reminding Us Vancouver Sun

There's an absolute gem of an article in the Vancouver Sun (cited at the bottom of this article) this morning:

And let's face it: the Leafs have been so long out of the loop as an actual hockey-playing force, it's hard to imagine a large chunk of America's sports viewing public turning eagerly to a match that features a team that last won the Cup when most TVs were still black and white.

This is a good point. Vancouver's Stanley Cup win last summer was a joyous occasion celebrated responsibly and with great restraint by the locals. You can take a look at the image in this post to see Daniel Sedin or maybe Henrik Sedin celebrating the Cup they must have won taking a 3-2 series lead into game six.

Vancouver's Stanley Cup Drought dates to 1970 which is probably the exact date everyone bought a color TV according to the Sun. Unfortunately for the Canucks their Cup Drought isn't since their last Stanley Cup: they've never won one.

I know that'll come as a shock to the people of Vancouver whose team won a single playoff series between 1996 and 2006, just as the Sun's inability to fact check and realize that CBS' broadcast of "The Wizard of Oz" in color in 1956 likely means that given an 11 year head start color TV adoption was doing fine in 1967.

And so, finally, our Cup Drought is 45 years. It's true. It sucks but I didn't run the team into the ground for decades. One wonders though, if Vancouver's so fucking great where's their Cup? Clock's at 42 years and ticking Vancouver.