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A Win Alone Isn't Worth Much

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Bozak and Heatley see a spider on the ice.
Bozak and Heatley see a spider on the ice.

A Win is a Win; It's 'Value' Depends on the Next Two Weeks - Mike Langlois on Vintage Leaf Memories

The Wild, though, have retreated not only in their overall play, but in the standings. They haven’t played well at home or away from home. Which brings us to the old Harry Neale line, uttered when he was the coach of a poor and struggling struggling Red Wing team in the 1980s (and I paraphrase): "We can’t win at home and we struggle on the road. Our problem is finding a place to play…".

Despite their poor play in recent weeks, who knows, by March, the Wild may be hot again, eh?

In short, what I’m saying is we, as fans, should probably be ever-cautious in making any dramatic pronouncements, or at least making them too soon. Ottawa and Minnesota are just two teams that show it’s often too early to start naming playoff teams, also-rans or MVP’s, etc. now, much less one month into the season.

I have a similar feeling when watching the Leafs. As a fan base, what I sometimes feel like I’m seeing (and I’m part of it) is we get drawn into thinking that certain guys are worth more than they really are, or playing better than they really are. A guy scores a goal (even if it goes in off his back side) and we start to think, maybe he's playing pretty well after all...

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