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The Other Stempniak

Sure this isn't really Leafs related anymore, but it's too funny not to bring to light.

Saturday night Lee Stempniak "somehow" scored himself a hattrick, and Greg Wyshynski noted this odd feat in the title of his Saturday recap over on Puck Daddy. Well wouldn't you know, this caught the ire of Lee Stempniak's boozer brother Jay. The conversation unfolded on Twitter as such:

"stempniak somehow tallies hat trick" nice backhanded compliment. Searching the internet can't seem to find your career stats pal

Rounded to the nearest ten, how many times have you had to defend your brother's career on the Internet?

Key word there is CAREER I love your blog bud good stuff. Does typing your uneducated opinion on the internet pay the bills?

I don't think you love our blog. Nor do I think we're buds. I can't converse with the disingenuous.

Took you an hour to come up with that ? About as creative and insightful a your blog keep up the good work you jock sniffer

For what it's worth, I can now cross "getting chirped by Lee Stempniak's never-was brother" off my bucket list.

You're not allowed to use the term 'chirped' its reserved for people who actually laced em up Not jock sniffer freelance bolggers

and then Ryan Lambert, aka twolinepass, won the Internet:

imagine being the brent gretzky of the stempniak family

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