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Two Points

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Well, it sure feels good to be back in the 'Win' column. That it also brings the Leafs back to a tie for eighth place in the Eastern Conference doesn't hurt either, but there remains a lot of work to be done, and the Leafs' win has folks looking to the remaining 34 games rather than enjoying the moment.

For Michael Langlois, the most pressing concern is the Leafs' game tonight, where they finish off a back-to-back series with the Islanders:

The thing I really wanted to focus on today is what comes next for the Leafs, as in the game Tuesday night on Long Island. You might recall that after the win over Minnesota last week, I mentioned that while the victory was nice and all (coming as it did against a floundering team), the key was what the Leafs did afterwards, over the subsequent games.

Sounds like Leafs fans have come to expect a playoff series out of this team. More links after the jump.

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