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Scouting the NHL at the Trade Deadline

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The trade deadline is fast approaching, and that means looking at players who could be added to the Leafs to help their playoff push. On Monday's edition of the #MvsW podcast, John Ferguson Junior, the head of pro scouting for the San Jose Sharks, was asked by Jeff Marek :"What’s the one stat you value MOST as head pro scout of the Sharks?" JFJ stumbled around his words for a while before saying "Goals". Look everyone know that us here aren't anywhere near as good when it comes to evaluating talent as a man like John Ferguson Junior is. Aside from the box scores, he has something to judge we could never hope to have, a player's intangibles.

So let's do a bit of role playing here. We're all JFJ and we need to evaluate some talent. What do we look for and how to we value different aspects of a player's game? Well I think in the eyes of a man like JFJ, a hockey player can be broken down thusly:


Spot on don't you think? Links after the jump.

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