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For those of you living under a rock, tonight is the All-Star Game Draft and the Leafs are well represented with Captain Dion Phaneuf and the dynamic duo of Joffrey Lupul and Phil Kessel. Last year's draft was none to kind to Phil as jealous former superstars conspired to make him the "Mr. Irrelevant" and the last pick. At least he got a car out of the whole thing, oh and turned into a God. As fun as that was for all involved, we Leafs fan should set about to right the wrongs of history, and the lovely ladies of Ginger Snowflake, Emily and Shelly, have a way to do just that.

As this very community has shown before, social media can be a powerful tool. Don't believe me? We got snakes thrown on the ice at Arena. That's power even money can't buy. So last night Emily and Shelly decided to tap into that power in order to get Phil 'The Thrill' Kessel selected first in tonight's All-Star Draft. And thus the #PickPhilPhirst hashtag was born. Have you Twitter? Then take up the call and attach the hashtags #PickPhilPhirst and #PPP to every tweet you can. Beyond that, why not tweet them at Team Chara Assistant Captain Joffrey Lupul, @JLupul and any other All-Star players who tweet. And let's not forget the media. Bob McKenzier has twitter, so does Nick Kypreos, as well as a lot of fuckers from TSN. Let the whole Twitter world know that tonight we want the All-Stars to:

#PickPhilPhirst #PPP