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Just A Dog-Dangling Afternoon

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Oh, right, yeah, and the All-Star Game is on as well.

I've got a few links for you guys today, only a few of which are specifically Leafs-related, but I figured that we can't leave you without a place to chat about today's game. Check out the story on Yandle and Kessel's race from Wyshynski - it's good stuff.

Hope you're having a fine, lazy Sunday. Cheers, everyone.

Keith Yandle tried to hook Phil Kessel because he won’t play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’
Story from Greg Wyshynski at PD.

As trade rumors swirl, looking at some recent ex-Leafs not doing too badly
From Michael Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories.

Playoff Probabilities: Applying Score-Adjusted Fenwick%
Over at Fear The Fin, SnarkSD figures the Leafs are likely to finish the season where they currently are in the standings.

The Statistical Oddity All-Star Team
From Cam Charron at Backhand Shelf. There's a Leaf in the mix, too.

Leggio Stonewalls Marlies in 2-1 Loss
Jeffler has a farm update at MarliesHQ.

Crosby may have fractured vertebrae on top of his concussion
Daaaamn. From Chris Lund at Backhand Shelf.

Kane, Tavares save the day at NHL All-Star skills competition
From Roy MacGregor at the Globe.

ECHL line brawl: 278 PIMs, mask-on goalie fight, hysterical announcer (Video)
From Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy.

Columbus Blue Jackets Will Host The 2013 NHL All-Star Game
From J.P. Quayle at Puck Drunk Love.