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Leafs Acquire Nicolas Deschamps for Caputi

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g/t to @SBPopOffValve

The Leafs have made a minor league deal sending Luca Caputi to the Anaheim Ducks for minor league forward Nicolas Deschamps. Deschamps turns 22 on Friday and last season put up over half a point per game in the AHL. (80GP 15G 31A 46Pts). Caputi has been sidetracked by injury ever since joining the Leafs but didn't do anything to impress in the AHL. I know one person who will be upset he's leaving Toronto but that's probably the complete list.

Like Caputi it's doubtful that Deschamps will ever be any sort of meaningful player in the NHL but this is a chance for two young kids to get a fresh start in a new market. Since this is the Toronto Maple Leafs I'm sure Mr. Deschamps will have 10,000 twitter followers by dinner time.

The Sun's Lance Hornby also had the following:

@sunhornby @KyleTheReporter has 12 moves for Burke with Ducks since taking over, I think I have seven since the Pogge deal in 2009.

Interesting. The trade deadline this year is February 28th, so about two more months of wild speculation on Burke's roster moves starts now. Enjoy!

Via Corey Pronman:

Caputi still has a chance at a 4th line role in the NHL maybe, but injuries have seriously derailed his career. I think despite Deschamps not having great counting numbers this season in the AHL, he is the better prospect.

Hold on to your nuts!