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Hellooooooo Ladies
Hellooooooo Ladies

Well there was an All-Star game this weekend and that's about it. Nothing much to talk about really, and there won't be until Tuesday when the Leafs play the Penguins.....that is of course unless a trade is made. Mmmmmmmmmmm trades. Speaking of which;

Trade Rumblings

LeBrun thinks Ruutu and Carter are on the move. Should the Leafs make a move for Carter?

Burked Miffed at Cherry? Grapes Addresses Rumors.

These two need to get a barn.

Should Burke Add Top-Six Size at the Deadline?

Sure. Why not?

A Maple Leafs Primer Series: The Leaf Legacy in My Lifetime

Mike from VLM is recanting his Maple Leafs fandom one decade at a time.

What's Left in that Wallet Mr. Burke?

Only about $2.9M because he wasted over $1M on Orr, Rosehill, and Dupuis.