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The Trade Seal Has Been Broken

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Here's Hoping the Trading Chips Isn't......Gunnarsson - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

It’s entirely possible the Leafs will decide that they can be good enough with their present roster as it is to not only make the playoffs but do some damage once there.

Yet I can’t help but continue to believe something of substance will transpire between now and the trade deadline, something beyond the exchange of AHL players. I’m not in the business of forecasting specifics, so I have no idea "who" the Leafs might be after, but an impact forward, for lack of a better term, keeps springing to mind. (A true ‘shutdown’ defenseman, too, though we have loads of defenders already and Phaneuf or Schenn, in theory, could fill that role…) And to acquire a player who will score goals and play a tough, grinding style would require the Leafs to give up something of value in return.

Who could that be?

My money's on Grabovski followed by Armstrong. How about you?

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