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Q&A at the Halfway Mark

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Asked and Answered: Brian Burke Edition - PPP at Leafs Nation

Brian Burke took to Twitter for a Q&A session a few days ago and PPP has collected them all for you because he's a nice guy like that. Some highlights:

Which trade do you consider the highlight of your career so far - @Jimmy_Stallion

Burke: The Sedin twins. Actually three trades, and a big gamble at the time. I never worked so hard on a transaction in my life.

PPP: Sigh.

What's your most important priorty heading into trade dead line a foward dman or bottom six players - @Kennethkstevens

Burke: We'd like to add size to our forward group. That may come from Joe Colbourne(sic) or we may have to go to the trade market.

PPP: READ - RYAN GETZLAF FOR JOE COLOBORNE+. I'll attribute that typo to the fact that Burke's likely dictating his tweets to a PR person who is filtering them for profanity.

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