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Eating a Whole Case of the Mondays

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More on Fat Kadri.

Leafs Ruining Chances of Developing Kadri- Derek Neumeier

Criticisms and mockery about weight are tough to get rid of; just ask forwards Dustin Penner and former Leaf Kyle Wellwood, two players who are still the brunt end of fat jokes and whose careers have yet to return to the same prominence they were at before their diets became the topic of ridicule. Even if Kadri somehow radically improves his fitness levels and performs to the best of his ability with the Leafs he can still expect to carry the baggage of Eakins’ comments for years to come.

Kadri, despite his immense talents, has not done a good job so far in his career of handling the pressures of being a highly-scrutinized Leafs player, although the blame is only partially his. But now Eakins’ comments will add far more weight for Kadri to carry around than any junk food ever could.

Yeah, pretty much. Neumeier says earlier in his article that Toronto is full of media wolves (assholes) who just love to shit on the Leafs at every opportunity so why as a Leafs coach would Eakins give them such a juicy comment that they could misconstrue to their hearts' content? Next time, just shut the hell up.

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