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Cody Franson Signs in Sweden

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Leafs' restricted free agent Cody Franson signs in Sweden.

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Cody Franson has signed with Brynas of the SEL today. A restricted free agent, it seems that Cody Franson won't be playing in the NHL this season as the SEL has no plans to release signed players from their contracts when the lockout ends.

Franson is an RFA now signed in Europe, and I'm unclear on what that means for the Leafs. He's essentially holding out, though I think this is pretty reasonable, and I don't know what happens at the end of the year.

It would seem he and the Leafs are pretty far apart in negotiations, I only hope that he can rejoin the fold next summer as trading him right now is unlikely to return anything of value.

The Brett Lebda trade went from exchanging a useless SPC for dead cap space and a prospect to what it is now: Matthew Lombardi boat anchoring the fourth line for $4M and Franson leaving for nothing.

Update 4: