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[Thursday's FTB] BLARGH

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Here are your links, you buzzards.

On expectations for NHLers playing overseas
There are a few excuses for the using. From Justin Bourne at BHS.

All-Time Sabres Great Dominik Hasek Retires At Age 47
The lockout is a particularly tough time for someone to take a risk on a 47-year old goalie. From Andy Boron at DBTB.

Sides still at odds in NHL labour talks
Sigh. This non-update brought to you by Ira Podell of the AP at the Globe.

Alberta labour board allows NHL lockout of Oilers, Flames to continue
Well, I am shocked. Shocked. From the CP via the Globe.

Mike Zigomanis, not gving up on another shot at the NHL
I don't want to say it'll never happen, so I'll just say 'best of luck, Mike'. From Kyle Cicerella.

NHL 2012-13 Preview Series
Jonathan Willis has a links post up at NHL Numbers with each of the teams having been covered.

Are NHL concessions the path to ending lockout?
Hm. From Greg Wyshynski with quotes from Pierre LeBrun.

The strangest team
Ryan Fancey on his conflicted relationship (fanship?) with the Leafs.

10 questions and comments about the ongoing NHL lockout:
Michael Langlois breaks all his own rules.