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Come To The Toronto Marlies Home Opener

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What better way to deal with the lockout than to give MLSE some of your money despite receiving an inferior product!

Chris Rutsch

If you are like me then you like hockey. But sometimes playing hockey a few times a week and reading about hockey isn't quite enough. Also, like me, you don't mind giving MLSE some money for a winning product instead of losing. Finally, maybe you like to rosterbate. Well, I have the thing for you!

The Toronto Marlies home opener on Saturday at 5pm. The Baby Heroes play the Rochester Americans at Ricoh to kick off the new season. Think Kadri's fat? Well, see him on the ice. Worried Scrivens is a flash in the pan? Watchi him shut the Amerks down. Want to see coach of the future Dallas Eakins in action? Come on down.

So I got a special code running today and tomorrow for Marlies tickets. The code is: 13839068. Tickets will be $23 $20 instead of $37 which is a great deal. They will be on the side near the end that the Marlies attack twice. The number you have to call 416-263-3540 and you'll speak with Wayne himself.* There are a limited number of tickets unless there is a lot of interest in which case there will be more tickets.

So come grab a beer, say hello, watch the Leafs' future, try not to weep, and meet some internet people.**

*not Wayne Gretzky

** not the really cool internet people like Chemmy or SkinnyPPPhish