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Morgan Rielly's Five Point Night

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Morgan Rielly picks up five assists as the Moose Jaw Warriors defeat the Prince Albert Tomato Cans

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

According to twitter the Prince Albert Generals Raiders are pretty good, but on the back of a Morgan Rielly five point night (3 primary assists, 2 secondary assists including one on the power play) the Moose Jaw Warriors thumped them 9-0.

This moves Morgan Rielly into a tie with about eight guys for 16th in scoring in the WHL, though Rielly has played fewer games than most. He entered the game at point per game on the season (decent production from the blue line for a draft +1 year) and now sits at 1.5ppg so be wary of small sample sizes.

Great news tonight, let's hope Rielly keeps absolutely tearing it up.

Stick tap to Curt S for the heads up.

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