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Prospects, Farm Teams, and Stupid Journalists

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Daniel Berehulak - Getty Images

Toronto Maple Leafs Prospect Updates - Curt at Blue Chip Prospects

Morgan Rielly is 8 games into his WHL season with the Moose Jaw Warriors. Rielly has been great this season on a pretty pitiful Warriors team. Rielly's 12 points (2G, 10A) put him second in WHL scoring by defensemen trailing only Myles Bell (who is a year older and has played two more games). He's also registered a point on 40% of Moose Jaw's goals which is absolutely ridiculous.

Tyler Biggs is a player I've seen a lot of in the early days of this OHL season. His point totals look strong on the surface (5G, 4A in 10 games) but he's been skating with one of the OHL's leading scorers in Boone Jenner and two of his five goals have been empty-netters. The book on Biggs is more or less accurate. He's doesn't look to be a major point producer and his skating looks to be strained a lot of the time (whether he's quick to fatigue or just a bad skater is tough to say). Biggs is, however, exceptional along the boards, a physically dominating player, and has a powerful shot.

Good to see our 2012 "gamble" looks to be paying off. Not so good to see our 2011 coming up snake eyes.

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