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[Tuesday's FTB] James Reimer Practices At UBC. No Biggie.

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News that James Reimer was practicing in Vancouver made a few writers snort some of their morning coffee out their noses yesterday morning, including one Cam Charron, who has something of an interest in both sides of a potential Leafs-Vancouver trade:

The third explanation, and, pardon me if I didn't shave with Occam's Razor this morning, is that there was an agreement in place to send Roberto Luongo to Toronto in exchange for James Reimer at some point in time this summer, but the deal was held off on to see what the new salary cap would look like. One of the pieces involves Vancouver acquiring Reimer, and he's getting used to his new digs under the guise of working out with fellow players in advance of a charity game.

This week is "build your own conspiracy week" here at TLN, by the way.

Cooler heads prevailed, of course, as Reimer later spoke with David Ebner and confirmed this was not the case:

“If you want to the truth, go to Twitter,” said Reimer after the light practice of rumours online. “That’s funny, I didn’t even really think about that. Yeah, I’m sure the rumours will be spreading. But as far as I know, when the season comes back, I’m still a Maple Leaf.”

In other news, the NHL and the NHLPA are supposed to meet once again today, and this time they might actually discuss some "core economic issues". Fingers crossed, but breath not held.

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