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Plus ça Change, Plus c'est la Même Chose

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Harry Engels

NHL puts forth a CBA proposal. NHLPA puts forth a counter proposal. NHL immediately rejects said counter proposal, followed by three months of random meetings in NYC or Toronto with little apparent progress. Now the process is starting over once again. Wake me up in January for another ring around the rosie that will undoubtedly end in ashes as the 2012-13 season is canceled in full while the poor journalist souls who've chased this non-story fall down from exhaustion.

So what are you all doing to keep yourselves busy this winter?

Barry Murphy Gets All Up in Gary Bettman's Face

Barry and Gary? I smell an Odd Couplesque sitcom.

Just When I Thought I Was Out

A Leafs Fan Perspective on Luongo

The Outsiders: Marlies Forwards

Enjoy the ECHL bus boys.

Roberto Luongo Not the Answer to Leafs' Leadership Needs

The Leafs are in dire need of leadership? Really?

The NHLPA's Three Counter Proposals

Mirtle breaks it down.

Bill Daly on the Proposed 50/50 Deal


Where Do Draft Picks Come From?

Well when a junior team and an NHL team love each other...

Happy 27th Birthday NES

Fuck I'm old.