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Bulldogs at Marlies 10/20

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The Hamilton Bulldogs come to Toronto to face the Marlies

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

TV: Sportsnet, AHL Live, 7PM ET
Radio: TSN1050, XM92, Sirius207

Let's talk hockey, if you're going to be a jerk be funny. I'm guessing Nazem Kadri gets on the board today.

McKegg from Kadri and Scott Marlies 1 - Hamilton 0

Kenny Ryan from Aucoin and Komarov Marlies 2 - Hamilton 0

Kenny Ryan from Aucoin and Holzer Marlies 3 - Hamilton 0

Nicolas Deschamps from Gardiner and Kostka Marlies 4 Hamilton 0

Mike Kostka from Aucoin and Zigomanis Marlies 5 - Hamilton 0