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Start 'em Young

Bruce Bennett

If you've ever been around for a conversation regarding horrendous stories about insane hockey parents thinking their precious little snowflakes are bound for the pros, you know that we often say that unless a kid is the best in town by the time they're 10 that they haven't a shot. Dirty Dangle found some Youtube footage that backs up this claim. Watching guys like Stamkos, Toews, and even Byfuglien absolutely destroy as kids gives you an understanding that being an NHLer isn't done through just hard work alone. These kids were born to be as kid as they are.

Here's current Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf crashing the goalie and showing off a better slapshot at 10 than most adults have in beer league.

Dion Phaneuf - 1995 - Brick Super Novice Hockey Tournament (via VEServicesLtd)

Gotta love the clip of him putting one over the glass. The foreshadowing there is amazing. Also, LOL the kid named GarBUTT.

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