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[Tuesday's FTB] Pants Day

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Ezra Shaw

You know it's my day to write the FTB because you're looking an an awesome photo of pants. Pants that say "yeah, so what?"

From Russia with Shove It
I actually somewhat enjoy the Russians biting their thumbs at the NHL. From Ellen Etchingham.

Jack Johnson called out NHL owners on his website, decries their lack of honour
Let's hope he doesn't back off his comments in a couple days. From Justin Bourne at BHS.

IPP WOWY Analysis of Crosby/Malkin and Thornton/Marleau
Some fun with numbers from David Johnson at Hockey Analysis.

Marlies Hot & Cold: October 22nd-28th
Haven't been keeping up with the little club? Kyle Cicerella has you covered.

Hot or Cold: Toronto Maple Leafs Junior and College Prospects
From Karl Faber at Maple Leafs Central.

On Picking Fourth Liners
From Kent Wilson at

Stats are ruining hockey
An unlikely title for an article by Eric T.

Wayne Simmonds’ agent speaks out after ‘verbal assault’ against his client in Czech Republic
Poor guy just can't get any peace. Story from Sean Leahy at PD.

Leafs Point Projections: The Rest
From Robert Vollman.

Does Tyler Bozak carry some trade value?
Heck, Matt Stajan was worth something, wasn't he? Article from Cam Charron.

Leafs Prospect Update: October 29th, 2012
Rielly really good. From Justin Fisher.

KHL Highlights: Grabovski and Datsyuk. Just enjoy it while it lasts...
I really enjoy these posts. Love hockey highlights. From Steve Dangle.

ESPN story triggers 31 thoughts (take that, Elliotte) on the NHL lockout
Michael Langlois thinks a lot about NHL hockey, given that none is being played right now.