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[Wednesday's FTB] Good News, Everyone!

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And by 'good', I generally mean 'bad'.

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Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Where to begin? Tyler Bozak went and painted himself brown for a Hallowe'en costume, and everyone's happy about that. Also, NHL players got their escrow cheques yesterday, which gives them some extra padding with which to sit out for a few more months. Unfortunately, the Winter Classic already looks doomed.

My suggestion? Go read DGB's new post for a laugh or two. I'd say we all need it.

Tyler Bozak goes blackface
Huh boy. Article from Cam Charron.

Joffrey Lupul may have signed with a KHL team
I'd be glad fi this worked out. I hope he gets to play somewhere. From Cam Charron.

NHL players get escrow cheques
Players are set to be given 7.98 percent of what they earned last year, plus interest. "Oh boy, now I can afford to stay locked out even longer." From Chris Johnston.

Tyler Biggs: In General
From Gus Katsaros at TLN.

AHL Young Stars Off To Slow Starts
It's not just Nazem Kadri who is slow out of the gates. From Dirty Dangle.

Most players on Quebec junior team sign up, union says
Sherbrooke Phoenix players signed membership cards to join the fledgling union. Story from James Mirtle.

Inside Gary Bettman's annual Halloween party
The latest from Down Goes Brown.

NHL could shoot itself in the foot by cancelling Winter Classic - The Globe and Mail
"If there’s another year without hockey, they may ask, ‘Why am I a sponsor?’" From Dave Shoalts.

Identifying the top defensive centers in the NHL
The latest from David Johnson at Hockey Analysis.

Are you a one-team (Leafs) NHL fan, or do you quietly have a rooting interest in a "second" favourite team?
One team. From Michael Langlois.