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Howard Berger Lays It On The Line

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Our round up of Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL news focuses on Howard Berger's prediction of when the 2012-13 season will be cancelled.

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Rick Stewart - Getty Images

We haven't paid much attention to Howard Berger around these parts for a while. From his support of fraud over at HockeyBuzz to his awful writing on the Fan590 it was pretty easy to just stop reading his pap. When the Fan590 canned him it was a good day for people that would prefer media outlets in the city not employ morons. We laughed and laughed when he announced that the National Post had hired him when it turned out that he was really only a freelancer. And now, we're chuckling at the thought that he alone has the scoop on when the NHL will cancel the 2012-13 season:

Forget that everyone and their mother is using the 2004-2005 schedule for cancelling the entire season (ie January is when things start getting critical) but what are the odds that a guy that was reduced to posting pictures of the Leafs playing on the road on his television because he wasn't being sent to cover the team has the scoop?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Dallas Eakins on the Marlies stepping into the spotlight
Mirtle talks with the man in the spotlight about the upcoming season.

The discarded out-takes from the NHLPA's message to fans
Noted 'author' Down Goes Brown had Bloge Salming break into the NHLPA's recording studio

Notes from 2004 NHL lockout show mediation makes sense
The Hat looks back at the correspondence between NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and players association executive director Bob Goodenow that occurred in the frantic 48 hours just before the 2004-05 season was officially cancelled

NHL lockout: Outrage, indifference as league cancels regular-season games
This is just the beginning of the NHL lockout's damage unless the owners and players get over themselves, get back to the table and get something done.

A Morgan Rielly Live Viewing
MLHS reader DefenceWinsChampionships saw Morgan Rielly score Moose Jaw's only goal in a loss.

Life in Russia looks weird, maybe lonely
A trip to Russia in pictures

For raucous sports fans, blogging industry grows up
Some info on Blog with Balls which is going on this weekend. I want to hug Elliotte for the quote at the end.

Sports On TV: The Simpsons' 20 Greatest Golden Age Sports Moments
This is awesome. That is all.

This Is How Your Bleacher Report Sausage Gets Made
Deadspin gets an e-mail that goes deeper in depth than the SF Weekly story from yesterday.

What the #!%*?: An NHL-ready arena for Markham?
Sean Fitz-Gerald tries to answer the important questions Markham residents should raise in the first of three information sessions scheduled this month. Fucking stupid governments.

Nik Kulemin: A Tale of Two Styles
Gus Katsaros with some scouting notes on Nikolai

Sportsnet to air AHL games
At least it'll be easier to follow our prospects.

Taking one for the team
My biographer suggests that it's possible Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins wasn't just being reckless when he criticized Nazem Kadri and later took on Don Cherry.My biographer suggests that it's possible Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins wasn't just being reckless when he criticized Nazem Kadri and later took on Don Cherry.