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[Thursday's FTB] Friedman, Charron, And Other Links

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Matt Ludtke

I had an interesting discussion on Twitter yesterday: is it worth time to tweet displeasure with NHL owners to the @NHL Twitter account?

Given the league's obvious concern for PR, it appears that owners care about who shoulders more of the blame for this lockout, and so, if you feel strongly one way or another, it can't hurt to send them a quick message. Sure, it might only be read by one woman who will never pass along your sentiments any further, but it can't hurt.

What is far more likely to get the NHL's attention is if you stop tweeting at them entirely. Do not go to their website, do not read any articles about them, do not pass "Go", and most definitely, do not, under any circumstances, collect $200.

A telling quote from a Maxim Magazine interview of Gary Bettman (yes, really) via Wikipedia:

When asked if the booing ever bothers him, Bettman said, "Not doing this job, no. You're always going to have critics. What I've always told people: If I take the ice and it's completely silent, then I'll know I'm in trouble."[52]

30 Thoughts: Lockouts chock full of familiar refrains
If you read one article today, it should be this one. Elliotte Friedman has another 30 Thoughts for you.

The death of truculence: A look at the Leafs' fourth line
If you're going to read two articles today, this should be the second one. From Cam Charron at TLN.

Choose Your Own Adventure: You Be the NHLPA Executive Director
This is fun stuff from Jared Dobias at Battle of California. He's sort of like a combination of JaredFromLondon and Tobias Fünke.

Post 2 Post Challenge: Dion Phaneuf
Video from TSN. It's pretty funny.

Happy Halloween: Looking at hockey’s scariest humans
I'm linking this exclusively for the Please Take One video. From Justin Bourne.

Johnny Oduya has chosen the unconvential NHL lockout route: Thailand
Also, Vesa Toskala is playing in this tournament. From Justin Bourne.

Red Wings duo tearing apart Swiss league during NHL lockout
Surprising? No. From Chris Johnston of the CP.

Maxim Afinogenov inexplicably makes Buffalo Sabres’ Alumni Plaza over Hawerchuk, Satan
Ridiculous. This is like picking Sergei Berezin over Darryl Sittler for an all-time Leafs list.

P.K. Subban presents the weather for CTV Montreal, is surprisingly good at it
You should quit hockey, P.K. Just do the weather.