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[Tuesday's FTB] Yeah, Mats Sundin Is Awesome

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Bruce Bennett

Need I say more? On to the links.

Sundin will never forget what Leafs fans gave him
"When I landed in Toronto on Thursday afternoon I came home." From Ryan Dadoun at NBC Sports.

Love him or not, Mats Sundin was one of "ours"
If you chose "not", GET OUT OF HERE. From Michael Langlois.

HHOF Inductee Memories: Mats Sundin
Dirty Dangle has a series of clips and photos for your perusal.

It doesn't make sense to compare Sundin and Alfredsson
Inasmuch as I would never compare Mats Sundin to a boot-licker like Alfredsson, no. From Cam Charron.

Mats Sundin and the great hair debate on Hockey Hall of Fame plaque
Meh, he still had hair while he was playing with the Leafs. No biggie. From Greg Wyshynski.

Hall of Fame quartet represent the tail end of an era
James Mirtle points out that 1300+ point careers are going to become more difficult to come by, as goalies have become stingier.

Leafs Prospect Update: November 12th, 2012
From Justin Fisher at TLN.

Marlies Hot & Cold: November 5th-11th
Kyle Cicerella has a few notes for you.

Tensions rising with no end to NHL labour impasse in sight
Frustration all around - from Brian Burke to Sidney Crosby. From David Shoalts.

Roster Management: What Would It Cost To Retain Our 2013 UFAs?
I'm hoping the Leafs are only paying one or two of these three players by the end of 2013. From BCP.

Toronto: Hockey Town (?)
...or just a Leafs town? From Chris Lund.

Five Minutes For Fighting: Where Will Matt Frattin Play?
My hope? Vancouver.