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Official PPP Response To Ian Mendes

After reading Ian Mendes' latest attempt to glom Daniel Alfredsson onto Mats Sundin's soaring star, we felt the need to draft an official response to his story.

On the day of Mats Sundin's induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame - at the first time of asking - Ian Mendes wrote an article about his favourite topic: tying anything Ottawa related to the Maple Leafs. Ostensibly, he wanted to discuss whether there was Toronto-bias (hint: no) and whether Alfie would find his way into the Hall (I'd be surprised if he didn't). The central thesis seems to be that if you ignore some of Mats' years then Alfie compares favourably. Also, there is a Toronto-bias that is so clear that Pat Burns didn't make the hall before his death and that will keep Andreychuk out for a long while.

Anyway, I originally lit the Cox Bloc signal but Kim and Godd were too busy sharpening their skates for our eventual meeting at Maple Leaf Gardens that night so in the finest media traditions they said "fuck it, we'll do it live" and took to Twitter. In honour of the budget cuts at the bastion of journalistic integrity Sun Media, here are those tweets:

Phew, that was pretty good. However, known Ian Mendes* sympathizer suggested that there might be a better way to address the offensive article which provided the inspiration for my lovely and talented sister to provide us with the video that you will have on repeat for the next half hour.

* Note: DGB and Kim actually vouch that Ian is a good guy so hopefully he takes this in stride.
** Note Two: If that video doesn't make sense then watch this video and then this video