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[Tuesday's FTB] On The Bright Side

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Scott Barbour

OK, so the league and the players met last night for a couple hours to start talking again, but there doesn't seem to have been any real movement, and any article written on the subject is basically another non-news item, but at least we know they're back to chatting, and not taking two weeks off.

More interestingly, a number of Leafs prospects have been doing well, the the Marlies having won 6 of their last 7 games. Nazem Kadri, for one, has reassured many a fan by buoying his point totals as of late.

At least there's some good news out there for us.

An interview with long-time Leaf netminder Allan Bester
Cool that Michael Langlois was able to chat with him. Check out the audio.

Nazem Kadri had a good weekend: Fancystats
Kadri has looked good for a while, even though he wasn't putting up numbers. Glad he's started to, though. From Cam Charron.

Assessing Morgan Rielly's Subway Series performance
Hrm. From Cam Charron.

Kadri named AHL Player of the Week
Woo! From MLHS.

Marlies Hot & Cold: November 12th-18th
They're doing pretty well lately, in case you didn't know. Kyle The Reporter has the story.

When it comes to NHL lockouts, nothing changes but the names
Some folks find themselves on the other side of the fence during this lockout. From Eric Duhatschek.

Five Minutes For Fighting: Why a Year-Long Lockout Helps the Leafs
I'm not sure about this one, but here you are, anyway.

Perception and Reality: Life As A Leafs Fan
I haven't read this, but it begins with a screen shot from Moonrise Kingdom, so that's a link. From BCP.