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Humpday Links and Hockey Talk

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We're on the jumbotron.
We're on the jumbotron.
Matthew Stockman

CBA stuff blah blah blah. Talking about HRR blah blah blah. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here there be links.

A Closer Look at the NHL Proposal

Mirtle examines that and what may be next.

MacKinnon, Jones Top Preliminary Rankings for 2013

Watch the Leafs get screwed by a no-season lottery.

Backhand Shelf Podcast

Talking Hockey yo.

007 Hockey

James Bond once hit a Habs player with a Zamboni.

Playing with Crosby and IPP

The Pens are down with IPP.

Gary Bettman Should Probably Stop Talking


Gary Bettman Orders a Pizza

No, it does not go smoothly.