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[Tuesday's FTB] Mediation? "It just might work for us..."

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Scott Barbour

This Arrested Development clip seems relevant, here. Of course, Arrested Development is always somehow relevant, so there's no surprise, there.

Here's the TSN article on the situation, if you're just looking for the straight facts. The mediation will be non-binding, so it's not much to get excited about.

Mediation ‘did not work in football and basketball,’ but NHL will give it a go
See the connection? Article from James Mirtle.

Marlies slide a bit and ex-Leaf strength and conditioning guru Matt Nichol on "Leaf Matters" Episode 8
Michael Langlois is right, I'm not too concerned by the Marlies' recent 3-game slide.

Ben Scrivens, slow start to 2012 | The LeafsNation
With a .900 Sv%, he's starting to look like a real Leafs' goalie. From Cam Charron.

Guy Serota removed from NHL lockout mediation, thanks to Twitter hack or terrible jokes
I'm going to go with 'hack'. Story from Greg Wyshynski.

Where are most NCAA players selected in the draft?
Article from Corey S. at NHLnumbers.

Marlies Hot & Cold: November 19th-25th
Kyle Cicerella has a rundown for you.

Marlies lose third straight
Late push by Toronto not enough in Hershey’s 4-2 win. From the AP at the Globe.

When should top defencemen make the NHL?
Maybe no later than forwards. From Cam Charron.

Has the OHL solved the NHL’s fighting quandary?
The OHL has seen fighting drop by 20%. Article from Chris Lund.