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The Voting Isn't Over

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While the US general elections were held yesterday, the most important vote you can cast is still available to you. That's right, it's a vote for the Marek vs Wyshynski podcast as the best of the sport podcasts for 2012. I mean if it isn't obvious that they're the best podcast out there, both from a content and audience interaction standpoint, just look at their competition. ESPN Fantasy this, ESPN Fantasy that, Golf, Jazz (?), and whoever Dey are. Terrible. No other podcast out there brings such a wide ranges of guests, insight, humor, and Bobby Holik voices.

The choice is clear. The choice is MvsW.

Here there be links.

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Phil Kessel likes the puck. Tyler Bozak not so much.

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Graphs and Charts oh my!

The Marlies Prospects and Real Expectations

Mike at VLM tries to see how much water is in the glass.

The Leaf Legacy Series: A Primer

Filling you in on what's to come.

The NHL had Minimal Pressure from Sponsors to Start the Season

You mean sponsoring the WC doesn't result in more Bridgestone tires? Weird.

Best Ball Hockey Barns

CAR!...........GAME ON!

OHL's Brampton Battalion Will Move to North Bay Next Season

Hopefully they get some fans up there.