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Leafs Fans Say the Darnedest Things

This is depressing.

Rich Lam

Many of you follow the @askbrianburke account, which has sadly been mostly dormant since the lockout began back in September. With the hope that there would be some juicy & fun mentions directed towards the Leafs GM now that we're so close to the end of the lockout, I did a search today for some material. I was wrong. There were no fun tweets directed at Brian Burke. This is why: Burke's first and only tweet since November 25th -

Brendan would have been 24 today. Our entire family misses him, but our work in his memory continues. Thanks to all for the kind wishes! — Brian Burke (@LeafsBB20) December 8, 2012

You can probably guess where I'm going with this, but let's jump right in:

@leafsbb20 sorry about your son, but your time in Toronto is up #hittheroadjack #ruthless

— Eddy B (@eddyB1988) December 8, 2012

"Hey, sorry about the all-too-sudden death of your son, who had a bright future in the world. But enough of that; where's my god damn Stanley Cup?"

"Hey Brian! Am I doing this right?"

More of the same. Look, Brian Burke deserves his fair share of criticism for the state of the Leafs. No one would argue that (certainly not me). But that tweet by Burke was not an open invitation to critique his work as GM. Offering condolences to someone does not need a preface, even if you don't like them. This is embarrassing not only to Leaf fans, but humanity in general. Let's not do this again, OK?

Oh yeah, don't forget this one:

File this one under "Things you should never, ever say in this situation"