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[Thursday's FTB] Wish I Could Watch The KHL

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

I mean, really, how sweet would an English-language KHL feed be? Make it like Gamecenter, and just let us watch tonnes of Russian hockey. How cool would it be to cheer for a Malkin-Kulemin combo? Or a Datsyuk-Grabovski duo? Plus, it's hockey.

You'd think the KHL would have attempted to pick up a few North American fans with the lockout going on, but what do I know about business?

Top 10 KHL Goals, Saves and Hits of the Week
Oh baby, these are fun. I'd love to follow see live KHL games. From Steve Dangle and Andrey Osadchenko.

Depending on way dollars are counted, Leafs could be in trouble
Might have to make more room than expected for Luongo. From Cam Charron.

Update: Jake Gardiner no longer "not in a concussion state"
Well, at least there's no rush to get him back. From Cam Charron.

European hockey teams bracing for NHL lockout to end within next week, according to agent
Say, do you like desperately clinging to any semblance of hope that the NHL lockout might be nearing its final stages? Sure, we all do! From Wyshynski.

Ben Scrivens, well on his way to another good season
Actually, he was off to a bad start, and things are just now getting better. At the moment, Scrivens has a .908 through 15 games with the Marlies.

Not having amnesty buyouts seems rather strange
It could make for a pretty crazy trading window, though. From Ryan Lambert.

Leaf Matters Podcast
Michael Langlois chats with Joe Bowen.

History Lessons: The Worst Thing Ever
The latest from Ellen Etchingham.

World Junior Championship schedule
I don't think I have any intention of watching this, but I suppose hockey is hockey. From JB.

Survey: NHL Lockout
I'm not sure what this is worth, but it's a .pdf file of the results on a poll about the lockout over at CBC.