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Rielly Makes WJC Cut. Obviously.

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Bruce Bennett

WJC Primer: Team USA

Best team.

US World Junior Watch

Candidates on TV tonight.

Significance of Morgan Rielly Making Team Canada

Pretty big feat for an 18 year old defenseman.

And Interview with the Voice of the Leafs Joe Bowen

No word if this was the 10 cent interview, or the 25 cent one.

Books Read: 2012

mf37 read some books and gives you his thoughts.


He's still never been to a game.

CBA Negotiations Have Been a Flop

But now take a turn with maybe the best series of posts out there; Graphic Comments

Changing Forward Roles Between 2010 and 2012

Cam crunches the numbers and finds out how coaches are using the Bottom 6.

Introduction to Hockey Analytics 5.1

Lighthouse hockey gets into neutral zone stats.

Edmonton Oilers Hackathon

It's really just a stats competition of sorts, but you can win a job. No Frenchies.