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[Tuesday's FTB] Restless

Mark Nolan

I don't know how the rest of you have been dealing with the absence of NHL hockey, but I'm not doing well with it. I'm beginning to get pretty restless, and I'm going to need a few new hobbies soon.

Not everyone is up for this kind of lawyer-talk, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a better source than Tyler Dellow.

Mark Osborne was a salt and pepper Maple Leaf
Michael Langlois has a chat with him in his latest podcast.

Marlies Hot & Cold: December 10th to 16th
Things have been going well lately for the Marlies, and it's good to see Kadri doing well again. From Kyle Cicerella.

Interesting things
Well, they're interesting if you enjoy the legal joust that the NHL and NHLPA are preparing for. From Cam Charron.

It appears MLSE won’t take reservations from Leafs’ players anymore
Yeah, it's petty. Joffrey Lupul is upset. From JB.

NHL charity game on Wednesday in Toronto is packed with NHL stars
Many of which are Toronto Maple Leafs. Story from JB.