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Evander Kane's Got Money to Blow

How much cash is Evander Kane holding?

Editor's Note: I don't begrudge a millionaire throwing money around on vacation, we'd all do the same. Thanks in advance.

The only thing I'm curious about here is how much money Evander Kane is holding. Let's get to it.


Using MS Paint you can see the X and Y coordinates for the length of a line. I measured the top of the bill at 26x8 pixels and the height of the stack at 11x23 pixels. Using the pythagorean theorem the width of the bills pictured are 27.2 pixels, while the height of each stack is 25.4 pixels.

I know the width of a dollar bill is 2.6 inches, and since I know 27.2 pixels equals 2.6 inches I know that 25.4 pixels is about 2.42 inches.

I'm assuming Mr. Kane has four equal stacks of money here, so 4 x 2.42 inches is 9.71" of cash. I'm also assuming those are all $100s.

A dollar bill is 0.0043" thick, which means that Mr. Kane is holding 2,258 bills there give or take. Times a hundred is $225,800.

This concludes today's Mathlympics.