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All Lawsuits And No Hockey Make PPP Something Something Something

In today's edition of the FTB Joffrey Lupul realizes that other countries are different, David Booth thinks Christians are persecuted, Falcao scores an amazing goal, and more!

Who can rile up their fan base more? Go!
Who can rile up their fan base more? Go!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

So I'm not really sure if I remember how to do these things but here goes nothing *opens Chemmy's e-mail with instructions, ignores jabs at Canadians*. Ok, let's see what I have to do.

Step 1: Find links (NOTE: links about hockey dummy)*

*I ignored this one

Step 2: Find a picture and add a funny caption

Ok, well, I tried

Step 3: Add comments on the links

Sounds easy enough

Step 4: Make sure those comments make sense

Ok, well, I tried

Step 5: Eat maple syrup you freedom hating moose lover

Well, that wasn't helpful but it was delicious

Step 6: Post the story, let the commenters run wild

Now this I can do

30 Thoughts

Is there anyone that doesn't read this when it comes out? Well, just in case, here's a link.

Burn - Backhand Shelf

I don't think that this will be the end game for this lockout but it's a fun bit of escapism. LOL at the guy in the comments that apparently only reads Gary Bettman's press releases.

Joffrey Lupul's Lockout Diary: Part 2 - AskMen

It's actually great to see Lupul recognize how hard things are for Europeans coming over. And I've heard that same thing about Russian women from every friend of mine that's been to Russia.

Ignorance, knowledge and shooting percentage | OilersNation

Jonathan Willis looks at how even something as simple as shooting percentage and its variance is still voodoo in some circles.

Bettman and Fehr (Try To) Save the World - Battle of California

The BoC is still in good hands. But if you can name a cat how do you go with Chandler and not Miss Chanondler Bong?

Happy Holidays - OOTP Developments says "Thank you!"

This is an awesome development. Love that they will be including Corsi and Fenwick.

Futsal legend Falcao scores with spinning backheel move off a free kick | Dirty Tackle - Yahoo! Sports

This is just a wicked goal. Fuck Chemmy's dumb rule.

Eric Wood tees off on Bills’ Canadian "home" games | ProFootballTalk

Sorry for giving your shitty team a big financial boost it can't get in its decrepit stadium. Also, fans cheer when the home team doesn't stink to high heaven. Way to let Seattle put up 50 dipshit.

Taken | VICE

Hell probably features sports pundits 24/7.

WARNING: Religion talk is up next

In defence of David Booth, who really shouldn’t need defending

In defense of criticizing David Booth | The Province

Why Do David Booth's Tweets So Annoy Secular Canucks Fans? | CanucksArmy

David Booth responds to heated debate over his beliefs with Bible verses, of course

As we know, Canucks fans have an incredible ability to whip themselves up into a frenzy on unimportant issues such as the awful burden of having to watch a hockey game at 4pm on a Saturday or vehement denials that people wearing their colours are fans of the team. This time, it's simultaneously David Booth's sharing of his repugnant belief that God in schools would have prevented Newtown and the audacity of people to disagree with his insipid thought and his gutless "I wonder..." approach.

Of course, David Booth couldn't leave well enough alone. He had to quote some passages from the Bible concerning being persecuted for ones belief in Christ. Now, I don't think it takes a genius (although it may take someone with a higher IQ than a hockey player) to realize that in North America there is one group that is most definitely not persecuted and that's while, Christian males. In fact, for Booth to suggest those passages relate to him is an insult to the world's long history across every faith imaginable of peaceful people being actually persecuted and killed for nothing more than their religious beliefs. I know St. Sebastian probably agrees that angry tweets hurt just as much as being used for target practice by archers.

Sorry someone told you that you and Mike Huckabee are fucking morons David. Guess you'll have to comfort yourself with the knowledge that your faith is dominant in North America and its able to try to force it's religious beliefs on others in a way that causes MORAL OUTRAGE when they imagine that it's Muslims doing the same thing.