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A PPPhestivus for the Rest of Us: PPPheats of Strength

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Ok so I know Festivus isn't actually until the 23rd, but that falls on a Sunday and we wouldn't be able to celebrate then as a community. And since we're all here celebrating Festivus together, it means the world didn't end. A Festivus Miracle!

We begin the day with The Airing of Grievances. Have at it in the comments, but do so intelligently. The afternoon brings with it PPPheats of Strength!

Here be your links.

Toronto Maple Leafs Top Prospects Report

Checking in to see how the boys are doing.

USA Win, Canada Loses, Earth Spins on its Axis

Sleeping Giant with a WJC update.

Marlies Keith Aucoin Evokes Memories of other Former Leafs

Mike at VLM goes through the history books finding comparable AHL All-Stars.

1984-85 Team Photo

This and individual shots at Vintage Leafs.

How Big Ice Surfaces Affect the Powerplay

More excuses for Team Canada's lost from Bourne.

Social Media Analyst: Ontario Care Way too Much About the NHL Lockout

Written by Captain Obvious.

Five Hockey Books for Your Last Minute Shopping

Six if you don't have DGB's book.

League Cancels Games Thru January 14th

So now we know the drop dead date.

Top 10 Worst NHL Logos of All-Time

Yup, that's one's on there. That one too.