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Players Talk, Matt Frattin, and Leafs on Team USA

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Here be your links.

Marlies beat Monsters for Third Straight Win

Good to see there's one good hockey team in Toronto.

Projecting the US WJC Preliminary Roster

Biggs is in, and the injury to Gibson could mean Sparks goes as well.

Matt Frattin: Could He be More than May Leafs Fan Expect

I don't know. Maybe?

Salming and Thomas vs the Flyers

This and more photogoodness at Vintage Leafs.

NHL Talks to Resume on Tuesday without Key Negotiators

Except for Bill Daly and Steve Fehr so whatever.

Statement from Donald Fehr on Tuesday's Talk

blah blah blah

Don Fehr, Conflicts, and Incentives

mc79 talks about the head of the PA.

The One That Got Away

A story about the time Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull went fishing.