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Feng Li

I can't see how this negotiation meeting between a bunch of relatively uneducated players and a group of experienced businessmen could work in the players' favour, but I don't really care.

In other news, the Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

A special Leaf Matters: Episode 10 podcast features wide-ranging interview with ex-Leaf player and coach Pat Quinn
Awesome that Michael Langlois has been able to have Quinn on the show a couple times, now.

Leafs Prospect Update: December 3rd, 2012
This article is from Justiin Fisher at TLN.

Joe Colborne was scratched twice this weekend. What now?
Well, he hasn't been putting up many points, so I guess he'll just have to wait until Spencer Abbott cools off a little. From Cam Charron.

Morgan Rielly named to Team Canada's selection camp - Percy omitted
Dang. From Cam Charron.

Adjusting Time On-Ice: Can 5v5% Tell Us More About TOI?
More good stuff from Ben Wendor at NHL Numbers.

Marlies Hot & Cold: November 26th to December 2nd
Three guys you'll be happy to see, and three guys you'll be disappointed to see via Kyle Cicerella.

Announcers are the unsung heroes
There's a lot of Leaf love in this piece from Chris Lund at BHS.

Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews likely to be a part of the players’ negotiating team
Oh boy, the players can't lose. From Justin Bourne at BHS.