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[Thursday's FTB] Still Talking

Christopher Lee

Yes, it's wonderful they're still talking. My read on the situation is that the "removal" of Gary Bettman and Don Fehr from negotiations isn't really what is driving the optimism (and, let's be honest, they're still very much involved in these meetings - they're with owners and players during dinner breaks, for crying out loud). It seems to me that the league is simply ready to make a deal, and that it's more a question of timing than who is in the room. But what do I know?

Michigan Senate approves tax money for new Red Wings arena
Oh boy, just what the city of Detroit needed. Story from TSN.

Hartnell, van Riemsdyk Team Up for Charity
Cool. Coolcoolcool. From Josh Smith at The Hockey Writers.

Should the NHL worry about the "casual fan"?
A good little read from Ryan Fancey at TLN.

Leafs’ Tanenbaum: ‘We’ll continue to talk up until we get a deal’
You tell 'em, Larry. From Nick Cotsonika.

The 50 worst own-goals in hockey
This is a fun list put together by Marrison Hooney.

It’s nice to be wrong
Agreed, JW.

Mike Kostka and Jussi Rynnas early-season standouts for Marlies head coach Dallas Eakins « KyleTheReporter
“Jussi’s such a competitor,” said Eakins. “He gets hurt right at the end of practice and it wasn’t an hour later that he was in my office looking me in the eye going, ‘I want back in that net.’ He didn’t want to lose his status and I assured him you don’t lose your status when you get hurt. You’ll get right back in the net and have a chance to prove yourself.” Yeah, wait... what?

Down Goes Brown: 20 years ago today...
The fight happened.

Blue Chip Prospects: The New Landscape And The Toronto Maple Leafs
Curt S likes the position the Leafs are in... at least, in relation to the cap.

In Praise of Shitty Goalies
Ellen Etchingham loves goal-scoring, apparently.

Canadian country musician sings super-Canadian song about Canada’s favourite sport
Pretty funny. Video via JB at BHS.

The Quiet Room: Joffrey Lupul
Jo Innes has studied the type of back injury that Lupul sustained, and has found new respect for the man.